As set out in our Constitution, the Objects of Walk the Loop are:

  1. The advancement of education for the public benefit by providing services for children and young people (particularly age 0-8) that promote their holistic development (including physical, cognitive, social and emotional) through experiential learning outside the classroom at sites of natural beauty or of special interest on or near the London Loop  
  2. To act as a resource for disadvantaged children and parent-carers living in the London area who are excluded from society, or parts of society, owing to their social and economic circumstances, by providing recreational and leisure time services with a view to improving the conditions of life of such persons and helping them gain new skills.

Walk the Loop exists to promote:

– the lifelong benefits of walking

– the benefits of being close to nature

– the benefits of experiential and multisensory learning

– health and well-being of children and those responsible for their care

– multi-agency initiatives that help ensure early intervention for children who may be disadvantaged or at risk;

Its main purpose is to meet the needs of those who have difficulty accessing nature and the outdoors for a variety of reasons:

– they live in a closely built up area

– they have limited funds to pay for trips

– they are fearful of travelling any distance from home

– nature and the outdoors are not deemed to be important

– there may be illness in the family

– there may be obesity in the family

– there may be disability in the family