Information about the trustees and Walk the Loop

New Trustee opportunities – Would you be interested in helping shape the future of Walk the Loop? We are at a significant moment of change as we look back at ten years of service and plan for new developments in the years to come. We would so value the skills, understanding, enthusiasm and vision that we know some of you could bring to our organisation as trustees.

EMINE OSMAN: Treasurer

Having been in the industry since 2001, I have gained extensive knowledge in Personal Financial Planning, seeking to deliver a personal, caring and friendly service in what can be perceived as a complex area. I am concerned to give peace of mind to clients and their loved ones, helping them meet short, medium and long term financial objectives.

I have a passion for travelling, history and architecture and love to discover new places. I also have a profound concern to help ensure children, families and communities thrive and flourish in kindly environments.

Walk the Loop offers such an environment free of screens and out in nature where children can learn while having fun, digging in the dirt, collecting stones, admiring flowers, growing and watering plants or looking up to admire the birds, trees, clouds, sunsets and stars. They may choose to walk, run, explore and play or just lie still, quietly attuned to the sounds and breezes that envelope them.


With many years’ experience in education, working on the front line and in leadership positions, I have always had a deep love of nature and the arts. I have researched into how beneficial they can be for our health, well-being, learning and development and it is this which led me to found Walk the Loop.

To watch children and families engage with nature, enjoying the moment and each other, is quite beautiful.  It is my aim to help create and facilitate such opportunities, while raising awareness of how important it is to treasure and look after our natural environment now and for future generations. 

I live near the London Loop and have spent many pleasant hours following its paths through varied landscapes and historical sites with intriguing stories to tell. These I am keen to share.

Steven Price

’I recently retired following a career in Financial Services and Consultancy. I currently support a number of local Charities and Community Interest Companies, and am also active in mentoring individuals starting their first business. All of these groups support diversity and inclusion in the community.

I am keen to help Walk the Loop develop and grow so that it can open horizons and help build up opportunities.

My interests include sport, outdoor activities and red wine – in that order’

Saika Alam

I love walking and having Epping Forest on my doorstep is a real bonus.
I have been lucky in life and I have always felt the need to give back to society and my local community.

I have been actively involved in some sort of charitable project or another over the course of the years and I have sat on the Management Committee of the London Black Women’s Project for many years.

Joining the Management Committee of Walk the Loop felt like a natural extension of the work I have undertaken previously.

I am very excited to be a part of this charity which makes a difference to the lives of children especially those who would otherwise rarely get out and about into the woods and forests that make up the London Loop.