walk the loop


Walk The Loop was originally set up in September 2012 as a project to celebrate the spirit of hope and cooperation that underpins the work of children’s centres and other likeminded organisations. Through our events and services, we seek to promote learning, health and well-being in equal measure. 

We have the pleasure of running regular activities at the Hornbeam Learning Lodge, Pimp Hall Nature Reserve, Chingford. We have also enjoyed varied and intriguing walks along stretches of the London Loop. The possibilities it offers for children and parent-carers to come together and join in events that foster holistic, multisensory learning are far-reaching.


Rarely does a day go by without some reference in the news to the risk children run of being disconnected from nature and held back by what can be a restrictive curriculum when they go to school with an emphasis on test results and outcomes rather than the fun of learning for its own sake.


As set out in our Constitution, the Objects of Walk the Loop are:

  1. The advancement of education for the public benefit 
  2. To act as a resource for disadvantaged children and parent-carers living in the London area.


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