DSC_1806Enjoying and Recognising Autumn Leaves

Autumn could be a sad time with the shortening days and unreliable weather if it were not for the leaves turning into a vibrant display of colour.

I always delight in this but find myself asking questions. What type of leaf am I looking at that is turning into such beautiful shades? Why is it going through this change? I have then let the days pass by without finding the answers. This year is going to be different.

Autumn Leaves_02_mediumI have decided to keep a diary of the leaves, watching which change colour first and in what ways.

The first leaf to strike my eye turns out to be from a kind of maple, a silver maple, to be precise. Its palmate leaves shift from graceful curves into sharp, angular points. Some of them shine out at this time of year with a fiery intensity that I love.

Why not look out for their distinctive shape and colourations when you next go for a walk.



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