Quality Time Together

140What better way is there of spending time together than going on a wander in natural surroundings that are full of interest, awaking a sense of discovery and adventure?

Walk the Loop offers services that help us do just that. These include:

walks, nature trails and scavenger hunts for children and those responsible for their care. encouraging physical exercise, a sense of play, wonder and curiosity about the world, the development of communication skills and a joy in learning. They are further enriched through a variety of arts and crafts activities.

They are open to children up to eight years old, particularly those who have difficulty accessing the wide outdoors or  have additional needs. Older siblings are welcome to join in.

restorative walks taking us through an intriguing variety of landscapes and places of special interest.

They are open to all, helping to invigorate and refresh the body, mind and spirit. Not only does walking have important physical benefits but it also helps us slow down, find calm, reflect and reconnect with our deeper selves.

Where? We now run regular events at the Pimp Hall Nature Reserve and Learning Lodge in Chingford. In addition, we will be arranging for visits or  special events at a choice of locations on or near the London Loop including the Animal Welfare Centre in Trent Country Park,  Forty Hall Estate in Enfield,  The View in Epping Forest, The RSPB Nature Reserve in Rainham Marshes, Hall Place in Bexley and the Colne River Valley Visitor Centre.

When? See under Events 



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