Our Story So Far

Walk the Loop was originally set up in September 2012 as a project to celebrate the spirit of hope and cooperation that underpins the work of children’s centres. They serve as a safe space for different education, health and care services to come together and offer integrated support for children in the early years and their families, particularly those that may be disadvantaged or at risk.

What we did

We collaborated with a variety of children’s centres and other like-minded organisations, running special family events and walks on or near The London Loop that promoted health, well-being and learning in equal measure.


Opening the mind

Opening the mind

Highlights have included: a visit to the Animal Welfare Centre in Trent Country Park where we adopted Titch, our little owl; seasonal nature trails at The View, Epping Forest, where we have explored the local countryside and created artefacts from the bits and pieces we find on the way; an autumn forage with Suntrap Education Centre; a walk from Down House where Darwin studied nature’s secrets to Petts Wood, passing by ancient oaks and sacred springs; a mystery trail and arts and crafts event at Hall Place with its picturesque gardens.

We also now have the pleasure of running regular activities at the Pimp Hall Learning Lodge and Nature Reserve, Chingford, working closely with a range of specialists and community groups.

What we have learned

There is such potential for joy and discovery offered by our walks and mystery trails near or on  the London Loop. It has varied landscapes that are always interesting and often very beautiful. The possibilities it offers for children and families to come together and join in events that foster holistic, multisensory learning are far-reaching.

What now?

For this reason, we are determined to continue the work we have begun as a registered charity. This is particularly vital as children’s centres and other frontline services are undergoing significant change owing to shifts in policy and funding cuts.  

Walk the Loop can help fill the gap left by these changes.

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