Walk the Loop offers opportunities to engage with nature and the wide outdoors at a time when we can so easily be sedentary, caught up in virtual worlds and far-removed from wild spaces.Home pictures - Vi_Page_1_Image_0004

It provides outdoor activities such as walks, trails and scavenger hunts for young children up to the age of eight,  helping them connect with nature and take part in joyful and purposeful  learning experiences that can ignite a spark that will last a lifetime.

These are enriched with indoor arts and crafts activities that help the children make sense of what they have experienced and create something memorable they can take home.

While open to all, Walk the Loop is particularly for children who are disadvantaged. They may not have ready access to the wide outdoors or may learn best when engaged in hands-on, multisensory activities. Some may be at risk of falling through the cracks if restricted to formal learning. There may also be obesity, disability or illness in the family.

We encourage parent-carers, childminders, teachers and support workers to join the children in these events so as to enjoy quality time together. This can foster a sense of well-being for all those involved, especially when life can seem so pressured with little chance to be and take pleasure in the moment.

Our activities and walks take place along stretches of the London Loop, an Outer Orbital pathway that goes around the green belt of London, connecting families and communities that are hugely diverse. It can be accessed at many points.

On the way, we can enjoy exercise, nature and fresh air, discovering unfamiliar and beautiful places that can bring a sense of peace and well-being to our often hectic lives regardless of where we come from or who we are.